Our Development Programs

Our programs are designed on the premise that effectiveness in the classroom, team projects, career or workplace is achieved through proactively understand ourselves and how we engage with others. We combine all the three areas of our core services - consulting, training and coaching while creating solutions for our clients to ensure that what we offer them is best suited for their specific needs and context.

There are various options for delivering these programs, such as:

  • Workshops for key life skills such as Communications, Leadership, Team Building, Time Management and Running Effective Meetings.

  • DiSC® Personality Profiling Assessments

  • Mentoring

We believe that these are vital skills for strong leaders and successful teams.

All of our services can be tailored to the needs of the individuals and institutions that we are working with based on the number of participants and the skill sets that you are wanting to build upon.

Please contact us so that we can work with you to identify areas for improvement and establish which specific services would be most suitable for you. We primarily focus on Faculty, or Staff, and Students at Universities here in the UAE.

Our Students Program

Life Principles for Dealing with People

These programs are designed to aid university life and career development. It will assist university students in engaging with themselves and a variety of peers having diverse backgrounds and personalities.

The program uses development frameworks like the Wiley’s DiSC® to enable and empower participants to increase their understanding and appreciation of their unique individuality as well as differences and diversity in other people’s behavioural preferences.

Participating in this program will help one gain an understanding of the DiSC® development framework, the dynamics of their individual DiSC style and the profiles of various personalities and and their life/workplace priorities.

Personal & Professional Choices made easier:

Be Aware, Adjust & Thrive!

Our Faculty & Staff  Program

The Art and Science of Faculty Relations

These programs are specifically designed to help academic and non-academic staff of higher education institutions unpack the strength of their DiSC® behavioural style and its impact on their work at personal, team and classroom levels. We empower them with relevant skill- sets to leverage their strength for greater excellence and overall workplace effectiveness.

This competency helps people to create an empowering learning environment where colleagues understand each other and work better. It helps students feel safe to interact and participate in focused learning activities. It also provides recommendations that will boost the confidence of faculty, help them become leaders in their academic field of expertise, and become influential in relationships with colleagues.

Workplace Effectiveness made easier:

Motivate, Empower & Release!